One slip and JanesLeaf™ was born… 

JanesLeaf ™ was created by, and is a product of, a disabled Navy veteran. Mark Lewis, now 60 years old, was injured in 1978 while serving our country aboard the U.S.S. Robison DDG-12. In heavy seas on the Pacific Ocean and bound for Hawaii, Lewis experienced a 20-foot fall. He spent the next 3 months of that year at Tripler Hospital on Honolulu, Hawaii reassigned to the medical unit. You can imagine the complications in life that an experience like this can present.

Many years later he decided to try CBD to help with his condition. At this same time Mr. Lewis’ sister Patti was dealing with brain cancer. The truth being told, Patti is the real reason he made the final decision to bring this product to market.

Through hard work and cooperation, the team at JanesLeaf ™ has brought what they believe is one of the simplest, 100% natural premium CBD products to the marketplace to share with family and friends. When you ask Mark how he feels about JanesLeaf ™ CBD his response is, “WOW!”

“I hope you experience all of the benefits from the use of JanesLeafCBD as I have. You be the final judge!”

Kind regards,

~ Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis